Anchor Handling Tug Vessel (AHT)

These vessels are used to support offshore oil rigs, platforms and other installations and to tow mobile structures and position their mooring anchors in order to ensure their anchors are placed in a proper position. Our AHTs have a bollard pull that ranges from 40 tonnes to 70 tonnes and horsepower engines ranging from 3,200 to 5,152 BHP which are suitable to operate in shallow water fields.

The defining characteristics of AHTs are their engine power, measured in BHP and the size of their winches in terms of line pull and wire storage capacity. AHTs also possess aft decks which are utilised during anchor handling and towing operations and for the carriage of deck cargo. The stern of the vessel is open to the sea, with a stern roller fitted to enable the vessel to recover and deploy anchors, while maintaining a clear area for the vessel's work wire.

AHTs are also capable of performing a variety of functions in harsher weather conditions compared to traditional vessels. AHTs are capable of providing long range towage services when floating platforms need to be mobilised to other fields, countries or repair yards. Deep water AHTs also provide support for construction work in transporting and carrying out projects for mobilisation of structures for floatovers, or launching or installation, positioning, hook-up and commissioning work.


Omni Anteia


Year Built : 2009
Engine : 5220 BHP
Clear Deck Space : 240㎡
Length : 49.0 meter
Bollard Pull : 70 Tonne
Accomodation : 30 men
Fire Fighting : FIFI 1


Omni Akira


Year Built : 2007
Engine : 3200 BHP
Clear Deck Space : 150㎡
Length : 37.0 meter
Bollard Pull : 40 Tonne
Accomodation : 18 men
Fire Fighting : 1/2 FIFI 


Omni Emery


Year Built : 2008
Engine : 4200 BHP
Clear Deck Space : 240㎡
Length : 48.0 meter
Bollard Pull : 55 Tonne
Accomodation : 18 men
Fire Fighting : 1/2 FIFI