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Icon Offshore, with establishment of the Icon Maritime Training Centre (“IMTC”) in Sept 2013, aims to enhance the skill of our offshore mariners. The goal of the IMTC is to close the gap measures in skills betweenconventional and oil & gas offshore mariners by developing competency modulesand providing training necessary for mariners to operate effectively and safely in our offshore operations. Our IMTC syllabuses are closely connected to our HSE Management System and industrial driven best practices.

Training sessions are developed and organised in consultation with field experts and with customers’ feedback in order to address our end user’sspecific requirements. Through our leadership programme, we intend to develop our next generation of leaders organically. The objective is to look at specific competencies required at each level by linking a range of elements within the competency and supported by task based skills performance criteria, in summation through Competency Management. This is also to create a set of key performance indicators which are aligned to our goals and objectives. Our aim is to appropriately innovate high performance by our staff, we have implemented group-wide key performance indicators to assess staff performance every two quarters and appropriately remunerate them accordingly.

We also conducted “away” day for our operations staff so as to discuss issues cross referencing inter-departments and to objectively address thesecritical issues to make our team more efficient. For our shipboard personnel, we have yearly shipboard management forum, a programme to foster better relationship between the shore base management and the shipboard management to bridge any gap in communication or understanding.

Icon Offshore is continuously seeking means to develop highly skilled human capital for the OSV sector, aligned in all aspect with the Government's aspiration to build a highly competitive and skilled national workforce towards becoming a developed nation.