Management Team

The key management helming ICON Offshore are Encik Amir Hamzah Azizan, ICON's Managing Director, Captain Hassan Ali, ICON's Chief Operating Officer, Encik Idham Adnan Jamil, ICON's Chief Financial Officer and Encik Jamalludin Obeng, ICON's Chief Commercial Officer

Managing Director

Amir Hamzah bin Azizan

Encik Amir Hamzah Azizan is responsible for the day-to-day management as well as the co-ordination of the administrative and business activities of the Group. He has 26 years of proven industry and international experience and extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry, and marine logistics sector. Apart from that, he has in-depth experience of leading stock-market listed companies, with a strong track record of creating shareholder value through integrating operations and accelerating earnings growth by expanding into new markets and increasing market share.

Chief Operating Officer

Captain Hassan bin Ali

Captain Hassan is responsible for the management and operation of the Company’s fleet of vessels as well as the commercial and chartering activities of the Group. He has over 38 years of experience in the marine transportation industry. This makes him an excellent candidate for his current role as he understands the industry thoroughly, therefore is well-equipped to make accurate judgement.

Chief Financial Officer

Idham Adnan Jamil

Encik Idham is responsible for overseeing the finance, information technology, corporate finance and strategy functions. His experience of over 20 years of experience in finance functions in oil & gas industry locally and internationally makes his the right fit for the job. He is currently a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Australia (ICAA) and Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Chief Commercial Officer

Jamalludin Obeng

Encik Jamalludin is responsible for the strategy and development of new business opportunities and growth, and at the same time provides leadership and direction for commercial and chartering. He has more than 26 years of working experience with 23 years in the oil and gas industry. All our senior management staff have different responsibilities in the Group and work well together as a unit in supplementing each other's differences and strengths.

Senior General Manager Legal & Secretarial

Maizatul Aznin Mohamed

Pn. Maizatul is responsible to oversee and provide legal advice and guidance on major company activities and business issues including as a custodian of Company’s interest commercially and legally. She is also responsible in managing all secretariat and management/board relationships. She has extensive experience in stakeholder management and collaboration with local and international legal firms. She is also a member of Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries (MACS).

General Manager Strategic Planning

Ronnie Khoo Boo Eam

Ronnie is responsible for developing and executing the Company’s overall strategy, corporate growth and investor relations. He has 17 years of working experience in strategy, corporate finance/fund raising, capital investments, mergers and acquisition and audit. He is currently a member of CPA, Australia.

General Manager Human Capital

Kamarunnihar binti Abd Samad

Pn. Kamarunnihar has the strategic and functional responsibilities for all of the Human Resources disciplines which include Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Employee Relations and Recruitment and Selection. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in Human Resource Management.