Name of the Duty Holder and address in Brunei Darussalam of the facility:

Duty Holder of Icon Kayra:

Captain Hassan bin Ali, Director

Address in Brunei :

Icon Bahtera Sdn Bhd

Unit 7 & Unit 8 Ground Floor,

Telanai Avenue, Simpang 175, Jln Telanai,

Negara Brunei Darussalam

Tel : +6732655450

Fax : +6732243669

Activities taken by the Facility:

Icon Kayra is an accommodation workboat which provide accommodation for maintenance crews and facility to carry out the maintenance activities at Client’s platforms.

Substances and preparations involved at the facility which could give rise to a major accident, with an indication of their principal hazardous characteristics:

The hazardous substances that could give rise to a major accident includes but not limited to Hydrocarbon release from Client’s platform, Marine diesel fuel, etc that could lead to fires and explosions resulting from loss of containment.

The nature of the major accident hazards, including their potential effects on the public, property and the environment. 

The potential effects of the major accident e.g. hydrocarbon/diesel spills would cause pollution to the surrounding environment and would require clean up.

The public concerned will be warned and kept informed in the event of a major accident.

The arrangements for communicating the necessary information to the public and to the emergency services and authorities concerned in the area while the Icon Kayra is in Brunei waters will be via Client with interfacing assistance as necessary provided by ICON Brunei base c/o Zell Transportation.

Public are not allowed within 500m of the vicinity of Client’s platform."